The coverage of a webinar with Grzegorz Nowaczewski, CEO of VPPlant, has been published on Engerati webpage. The main topic was the platform for managing EV charging services, while continuously optimizing energy infrastructure of the building. The webinar took place on June 6th. 

In conversation with Grzegorz Nowaczewski, CEO and Co-Founder of Virtual Power Plant (VPP), we discussed some of the main issues facing electric vehicles (EVs) on the grid, as well as the potential solutions.

Nowaczewski says: “Utilities are going through a transition with many dimensions, and they need new services and new products. For instance, you can buy energy from many different brokers now. Most importantly, millions of EV cars will soon be hitting the European roads, and without real-time management of EV charging, the power grid will not be resilient.”


We invite you to read the full article ‘How an electricity savings and grid flexibility platform enables EVs’.

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Fot. Pixabay