We invite you to listen to a webinar with Grzegorz Nowaczewski. VPPlant‘s CEO presented an idea of driv2e that provides facility managers of commercial properties (office buildings, shopping centres, sport venues) with the platform for managing EV charging services, while continuously optimizing energy infrastructure of the building. The webinar was organized by Engerati.

You can listen to the webinar ‘Balancing the grid: innovative charging and storage solutions to support widespread EV adoption” on Engerati page (after logging in).

Grzegorz Nowaczewski, the CEO of VPPlant, will deliver a presentation ‘Managed EV charging for energy efficiency’ during the conference Engerati Meets, which will take place on June 18-19 in Vienna. With 40,000+ engaged members, Engerati is Europe’s largest engaged community of utilities and power sector professionals.